Farbrew’s Beer Review: Anchor Steam Beer

Anchor Steam Beer
Anchor Steam Brewery

Anchor Steam is probably in my Top 10 favorite beers for a couple of reasons. For one, the Anchor Steam Brewery is located in my hometown of San Francisco and has been brewing beer there since 1896. The Amber Ale has a very rich and flavorful taste which stays true to the brewery’s traditional brewing methods. It leaves a really nice after taste and you’ll quickly go for your next sip soon after.

The name of the beer actually has a very interesting story behind it. Back in the 19th century, “steam” was a term used for beer brewed without ice on the West Coast of America. According to the brewery, the methods of brewing “steam” are still a mystery today. For many decades the beer has maintained its name “Steam” for its unique taste. This beer is the trademark of Anchor Brewing. I really enjoy drinking this beer when I am eating a brat or cheeseburger. Make sure you give it a try next time you stop by San Francisco.

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