Crossfade Doesn’t Cross Genres

We All Bleed
Released: June 21, 2011
Label: Eleven Seven Music

crossfadeCrossfade is a band which lives under the genre specifications of “Alternative rock, Post-grunge, and Alternative metal”. They are holding true to these genres while most of today’s rock music has shifted towards “industrial” with electronic elements (Nine Inch Nails), or hip hop infused (Korn). That being said, it’s really not an easy task to make straight forward Alternative rock without sounding like scattered noise, and ultimately I may not be the best judge to say whether or not the guys pulled it off, or not, but I can tell you what’s good about it.

I should note that Radio Rock is not a genre I usually spend any time with, and I could easily pan the album simply because it is not my style, but that’s not giving it a fair chance. Keeping that in mind I would like to congratulate Crossfade on having a rock album where every song has it’s own legs and sounds unique from the previous track. I think if you like Nickleback, you will love this album. I think it’s really hard to look bad ass as a man while pouring your heart out about your struggles if you’re not James Hetfield or Jonathan Davis etc. The bands that master that fine line between sounding like a bitch in a radio rock song, and making a hit while crying their heart out, have the staying power and end up making the big bucks. In my opinion, I think Crossfade is almost there, and bringing it all full circle is a hard thing to do while staying true to Alternative Rock and Metal. Without the loud metal defining guitar solos, or the driving bass lines of hip hop infused rock you really need something else to drive your songs to the next level. Smart lyrics are a start, and it can be seen on the track “Dear Cocaine” that this band is on the brink of capturing the whole package without betraying their genre and selling out to today’s electronic infused standards of rock.

The album didn’t convert me from my preferences of music, but I can completely appreciate the songwriting of lead singer Ed Sloan, especially on the tracks “I think you should know”, “Prove you wrong” and “We All Bleed” which can hold their own against any Alternative Rock songs on the radio today. (Also, when covered you can see the true beauty of the lyrics.) Crossfade starts a cross country summer tour in two weeks, check them out at these venues and see for yourself how the boys are doing, and if this is your genre of choice, you can let me know if the guys pulled it off, or not.

Album Standout, and upcoming single: “Dear Cocaine”
(Vocals remind me of Rhett Miller – Nervous Heart)
Dear Cocaine

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