Katla explodes again..

Ida Maria
Labels: Mercury Records
Released: June 07, 2011

katla ida maria

The opening track of Ida Maria’s new sophomore album Katla is entitled “Quiet, Nice People”. It’s a slow charmer reminiscent of a Kate Nash Track, and then you are bitch-slapped with the album’s lead single “Bad Karma”. It’s hard to believe this track wasn’t created in the late 80’s and Ida doesn’t owe Joan Jett some copyright royalties. By only the second track, I am sure of a few things: Ida has multiple personalities and she’s not afraid to show them, she’s the only artist dancing the line between punk and blues, and +5 points for name dropping hare krishna. (If you ever go too punk it’s good to have religion on your side.)

During the rest of the album Miss Maria shows no signs of musical consistency, she is all over the place in style. With all the cookie cutter pop out there it’s a nice safe change and as Wu-Tang Clan would say It’s something nice “for the children”. Save for the dark appropriately titled track “Devil” which makes me wish I was born in the 70’s and heard this track while rocking back and forth in an open field full of angst against some lost love fist pumping over woman empowerment and a cold beer.. Whew! Maybe if she ever tours again you can close your eyes and pretend while this track plays. It may be the most psychedelic rock tune I’ve heard created in this era and blissfully enforces her versatility at nearly ten minutes long. Not only is Ida a Norwegian punk bad ass, on Katla she proves can be a brazen bluesy rock hippy as well, all at the same time. Oh My God is right.


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