Jennifer Hudson brings “Music, Love, Spirit, and Faith” to Ravinia

Jennifer Hudson
Ravinia Festival
Highland Park, IL

“Music, Love, Spirit, Faith”

Those are the words that Jennifer Hudson left imprinted in the minds of her fans who attended her sold out show at Ravinia. They can be used to accurately describe her heartfelt performance and latest album I Remember Me.

Jennifer Hudson has been through a lot emotionally in the past few years and it definitely reflects in her voice. She sings from within; staying true to every lyric, melody, and every song she sings.

She commanded the stage the minute she stepped out, singing “Feeling Good.” The reaction of the audience was one of amazement. I could overhear so many fans commenting on how amazing she looked. Yet aside from her looks, Jennifer has always been known for her belting voice.  From singing “No one Gonna Love You” to “Where you at” she made it look so effortless. She also sang few singles from her debut album and from Dreamgirls. As well as a duet to Michael Jackson’s “I’ll Be There” accompanied by her friend and formal idol singer George Huff.

There were many moments throughout her performance where you could feel her spirit and emotion. They were evidently apparent during her performance of “I Remember Me.” It was one of her strongest moments of the show and she even received a standing ovation from the audience as she gracefully shed a few tears after getting very emotional. Her album and single “I remember Me” reflect the hardships she’s been through in her past but stays on a positive note reminding us that we can get through anything.

Throughout her performance I was secretly wishing to hear “And I am Telling You I’m Not Going.” I felt slight disappointment as she ended her set with  “Spotlight.” Yet, as the audience was slowly exiting the venue; those of us who chanted for an encore got our wish. An amazing show ended memorably with a dynamic performance of “And I am Telling you I’m Not Going.”

From Idol, to Dreamgirls, to a successful solo career. Jennifer Hudson knows to stay true to her roots by always remembering who she is.



Feeling Good

Don’t Look Down

If this Isn’t Love

No one Gonna Love You

Where You At


I Remember Me

I’ll Be there

(Michael Jackson cover, with George Huff)


(Leoanard Cohen cover)

One Night Only

Love You I Do

I Got This




And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going


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