Goo Goo Dolls Take Over The Charter One Pavilion

Goo Goo Dolls
Charter One Pavilion – Chicago, IL

Goo Goo Dolls is:
John Rzeznik
Rob Takac
Mike Malinin

Goo Goo Dolls Charter one Pavilion Chicago 32 HF

Goo Goo Dolls just released Something For The Rest Of Us on Warner Brothers Records and on tour with Michelle Branch and Parachute.  They also have a song on the Transformers soundtrack, “All That You Are.” The trio are very successful with songs on soundtracks. Lets take you back to “Iris” on The City of Angels soundtrack. Can you say hit?

The Charter One Pavilion site just blocks from Chicago’s Field Museum and right up to the shores of Lake Michigan.  The Pavilion’s location adds the extra touch to what was nothing but a stellar show even with high humidity that left everyone coated in sweat.  Goo Goo Dolls delivers nothing but rock and roll music with a rock and roll stage show to boot. It wasn’t long into the set when they pulled out “Slide“.  The also launched black balloons into the crowd for their hit “Black Balloon” making the front of the crowd distracted and happy.

Many left their seats at the Pavilion and headed up to the front of the stage. The band started into a song and it was moments later the  band stopped and John asked the crowd of fans, “Does anyone know this one?” I don’t think many knew the song judging by the reaction of the fans.  The song was “Cuz You’re Gone.” Their set also included one of their biggest hits “Name“,  “January Friend,” and the first single off their last EP Waiting For The Rest Of It,Home“.

For those those who need to catch up with John Rzeznik,  Amy Harris talked to John Rzeznik recently about the bands future, their current tour with Michelle Branch, and moving back to the East Coast.

For those fans who need some more Goo they are releasing a Live EP tomorrow, Live From SOHO.

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Goo Goo Dolls Tour Dates with Michelle Branch and Parachute:

Wed     July 13              PNC Pavilion at Riverbend                     Cincinnati, OH
Fri        July 15              Harrah’s Council Bluffs                          Council Bluffs, IA
Sat       July 16              Charter One                                           Chicago, IL
Sun      July 17              Meadowbrook                                       Rochester (Detroit), I
Tue       July 19              Bank Of America Pavilion                      Boston, MA
Wed     July 20              Oakdale Theatre                                    Wallingford, CT
Fri        July 22              PNC Bank Arts Center                            Holmdel, NJ
Sat       July 23              Tropicana Casino & Resort/The Quarter  Atlantic City, NJ
(Parachute not appearing)
Sun      July 24              Nikon at Jones Beach Theater                Wantagh, NY
Tue       July 26              The Filene Center                                   Vienna, VA
Wed     July 27              The LC Pavilion Outdoor Amphitheatre   Columbus, OH
Fri        July 29              Darien Lake Performing Arts Center        Darien Center, NY
Sat       July 30              Bethel Woods Center for the Arts           Bethel, NY
Sun      July 31              Saratoga Performing Arts Center            Saratoga Springs, NY
Tue       Aug 2               Stage E                                              Pittsburgh, PA
Wed     Aug 3               nTelos Wireless Pavilion                        Portsmouth, NH
Fri        Aug 5               Pompano Beach Amphitheater               Pompano Beach, FL
Sat       Aug 6               Tropicana Field                                     St. Petersburg, FL
(Michelle Branch and Parachute not appearing)
Sun      Aug 7               Verizon Wireless Amph at Encore Park   Alpharetta, GA
Tue       Aug 9               Uptown Amphitheatre                            Charlotte, NC
Wed     Aug 10              Raleigh Amphitheater                             Raleigh, NC
Fri        Aug 12              Live at the Garden                                 Memphis, TN
Sat       Aug 13              Hard Rock Hotel/Hard Rock Live            Biloxi, MS
(Parachute not appearing)
Wed     Aug 17              1st Bank Amphitheater                           Denver, CO
Thur      Aug 18              Deer Valley Ski Resort                           Park City, UT
Sat       Aug 20              Mammoth Mountain Ski Area                  Mammoth Lakes, CA
Sun      Aug 21              The Mountain Winery                             Saratoga, CA
Tue       Aug 23              Fox Theater                                           Oakland, CA
Wed     Aug 24              Antelope Valley Fairgrounds                  Lancaster, CA
Thur      Aug 25              Grand Sierra Casino/Summit Pavilion     Reno, NV

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  1. Barbie says:

    The band didn’t launch black balloons into the audience. The fans launched black balloons towards the band during the song Black Balloon. Get it? Distracted? Really? Were you REALLY there?
    The song isn’t “January Girl”, it’s “January Friend”.
    I beg to differ about fans knowledge of “Cuz Ur Gone”. It was added to the set list I’m sure because it is a HUGE fan favorite.
    They also released this album called “Something for the Rest of Us”. Maybe you’ve heard of it? I’d say that album, which also contains “Home”, overshadows the EP.
    Geesh, did anyone do their homework before writing this piece of crap?
    Thanks for the pictures. At least you got something right.

  2. Jessica Emmerich says:

    @Barbie – Thanks for the January Friend correction, but why so harsh?

    The balloons were a distraction, not a bad one. I really didn’t hear any big sign of recognition of “Cuz Ur Gone”. There were 3 people in my row who immediately looked at each other puzzled and then pulled out their cell phones to Google it. This is a review from my perspective and no, you don’t have to like it. “Home” is also off their EP. I am not incorrect in listing it.

  3. Long time fan! says:

    Just wanted to clarify a few things. Yes, the balloons can be distracting. BUT fans have been releasing them at every concert since Black Balloon was released. I find the drunks in the crowd to be far more annoying than any balloon.
    If your not a long time fan or familiar with their back catalog of songs, Cuz Ur Gone is a fan favorite. Not every person who goes to their concerts is a long time fan. So I can understand some people not knowing the song. But if you looked around you probably would have seen more recognition of the song than not. That’s a song that long time fans really have missed over the last couple tour legs and are glad to have back.
    I do find it odd that someone who writes articles & blogs for reviews don’t do a little more research on their intended subjects. Not that I don’t understand that you are writing it from your own perspective but in order for it to have some weight behind it you should clarify your facts. This would be just one reason critics and reviewers don’t hold much weight with bands and fans.

  4. Barbie says:

    I did not say you were incorrect in listing “Home” off of their EP, what I meant, and perhaps I was not clear, was that one would think the album would have been worth mentioning rather than the EP.
    Not sure why a person at a concert would immediately Google a song. Sounds odd, but that’s just me.
    I am a fan and tend to get defensive when I read things that are not necessarily correct. My opinion of your review, and no, you don’t have to like either.

  5. Fan at the concert says:

    I was at the concert and people around me knew Cuz Ur Gone. You have to remember that the band has to not only play their hits for the more casual fan, but play some fan favorites that were not radio releases. That’s what us hard core fans love to hear. The band asked for our input recently about what songs we wanted to hear. Obviously Cuz Ur Gone was high on the list or it wouldn’t have been added.

    The black balloons being tossed around during Black Balloon is a tradition that we love to carry on. The band loves it and so do we. If it’s distracting, you’ve probably never seen a Goo Goo Dolls concert in person.

    Also, they didn’t “just” release SFTROU. It was released in August 2010.

  6. Long Time Fan 2 says:

    As a very long time fan who is accustomed to reading dismissive or disparaging reviews of this hard-working, award-winning, successful
    band, I am very pleased that the overall tone of this review is flat-
    tering and up-beat. However, you really do need to invest time in a
    little research of your subject matter, Jessica, because you failed
    miserably in that aspect. Trust me when I say that you really didn’t
    need to be a “long time fan” to identify all the errors in this piece
    of work. Goo fans are loyal and knowledgeable and they will call you
    out when incorrect comments are made about their favorite band.

  7. Goo Fan says:

    wow…what a bunch of grumpy pants. i consider myself to be a huge GGD Fan and I didn’t take near the offense to the review as the rest of you seem to have. #1 i’m appreciative that someone was there covering the show that i couldn’t make to and providing me some awesome photos #2 the black balloons are released by them if you want to be all technical about, they’re usually members of the GGD street team handing out balloons sooooo in essence it’s them handing them out, again if it’s a Huge fan not part of the street team then so be it as well, what does it really matter when the review is simply trying to convey the atmosphere of the show, and for someone in the crowd who hasn’t been to multiple GGD shows they would most likely assume that it’s the band as well. how about i offer a correction of: the review writer should have gotten each person’s name of who released balloons, would that provide more relevance? #3 this review is one person’s perspective, of course the big fans are going to know more about the show however that’s not the point, how about i ask where is your realistic, un-bias review of the show

    thanks for the review and photos! glad to see ’em :)

  8. Random says:

    There were several GST Chapter Leaders at the show and they did share balloons with people. However, they are not “in essence” part of the band, nor by handing out balloons do they feel that they are. The GST is a volunteer organization, therefore they purchase the balloons with their own money; the band does not provide them.
    Unless they’re dropped from above, the balloons are typically thrown by fans, the band has nothing to do with it.


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