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  • FREE DOWNLOAD: Phil The Thrill – The Dopeness

    Phil The Thrill explains the lead track from upcoming EP, (s)AMPLE TIME:
    “The dopeness is a way of thinking. It isn’t anything that can be explained specifically because it fits according to the individual. Dopeness is not anything that can be categorized. It is simply what’s seen as “cool” to that person in ways that they apply it to their lifestyle. Basically stating that, “Dopeness” is of the mind.” – Phil The Thrill

    Phil The Thrill – The Dopeness

    Mediafire:  http://www.mediafire.com/?2zy5oxg168f375i

    Soundcloud:  http://snd.sc/pfLMDi

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    1. […] He previously brought us “The Dopeness,” which is still available to download for free here, that is off the (s)Ample Time EP. Then just last month he released the EVOL EP (click to download […]

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