Rufus Wainwright launches interactive timeline

A trip down memory lane with Rufus Wainwright

Universal Music UK  joins forces with San Francisco based start-up Memolane to create an interactive timeline of Rufus Wainwright’s career.

From a photo of Rufus as a baby in a guitar case to his upcoming residency at the Royal Opera House, the House of Rufus Memolane traces Rufus’ colourful career and allows his fans to contribute their memories from when Rufus has touched their own life stories.

The interactive timeline, a collaborative effort between Universal Music UK and Memolane, has been embedded within Rufus’ official site www.rufuswaiHYPERLINK “”nHYPERLINK “”

Rufus’ Memolane is the scrapbook that writes itself, automatically capturing his social media streams, including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LastFM, MySpace into one simple to navigate timeline, making it easy for his devoted fans to see, search and share all the great memories throughout Rufus career.

Fans can actively contribute to the House of Rufus story by adding their own memories from photos and ticket-stubs, to YouTube videos, scrobbles and social media updates to become part of the persistent collective memory of Rufus’ career.  

Belle Crocker,  Senior Digital Manager at Universal Music UK’s UMSM division said: “We wanted to create an interactive snap-shot of Rufus’ entire career which traced the events that led from his very first demo tapes right up to his upcoming shows at the Royal Opera House. With its dynamic social and user generated content features Memolane gave us the perfect platform with which to do this.”

Eric Lagier, co-founder and CEO of Memolane said “We’re very excited to have helped Universal Music realize their ambition of creating an interactive timeline of Rufus Wainwright’s career. Working with Rufus and Universal  marks a new venture for Memolane and demonstrates the great potential for helping public figures to tell their own story with contributions from their community.”

One of the most talented songwriters and consummate performers of his generation, Rufus Wainwright is a true global sensation. Rufus’ lush, theatrical pop leans heavily on the traditions of cabaret and, more recently, opera. Appropriately, he is currently on a five-night residency at the Royal Opera house in London. He is the first solo artist to take up residency at the Opera House.

House of Rufus, a 19 CD box set of his complete works to date plus extensive bonus material, is out this week.

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