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Michael Jade
No Outlet

Michael Jade

I can honestly say that I got a fresh breath of musical air the day that I met Michael Jade. The music – like the man – is smart and fresh and will surely earn a space in our collective music consciousness before all is said and done. He is not the next anything; He is the first Michael Jade.

Less a traditional review – this is an opportunity for a music writer to share ideas in a less conventional form. This also seems to be the way Jade is approaching his music. Rather than go the way of the CD and other predictable venues – Jade is willing to give away his music and that is a gift that everyone should share.

The bright young multi-instrumentalist has taken his music to social networking with free downloads and videos. The multiple award winning songwriter is focused on introducing himself and his perfectly crafted songs to the public – like any good crack dealer. Get ’em hooked they’ll keep coming back for more.

“Chicago (featuring John Mayer)” is a national anthem for the 21st century Midwestern music lover. The song feels a little like a European waltz and a Chicago soul mash-up. The song comes across much like the city itself which is a mash up of European sensibilities bathed in deep, pure soul. That is Chicago – that is Jade.

Truth be told when I learned Jade plays all of his own instruments I feigned excitement and started heading toward the door. This is rarely a good thing.

Typically that is a huge red flag that informs the writer that either the music is going to be simple and just short of exiting – or that it is going to be an indulgent mess that is difficult to listen to.

Jade brings his energy and a passion to every instrument and never disappoints the listener. Whether it is a busy-bopper like “Drive Me Crazy” or a sweet serenade such as “What Was I Thinking” he knows when to put the notes into the open spaces and he knows – and this is paramount importance – he knows when to get out of the way and let the song dictate what he is playing.

I learned a lot from my time with Jade and from my continued listening to his music. I learned that passion is not dead and pop music has a new star in its constellation. I also learned to never underestimate a guy in a hoodie.

Find Michael Jade on Facebook and listen to his music. He’ll inspire and entertain you. If you aren’t careful he might even motivate you to pull your guitar our and start building calluses all over again.

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Chicago (featuring John mayer)

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