Moby’s Destoyed – Now You Can Download the Cure for Insomnia

Little Idiot Records  

Moby Destroyed

Got sleep issues? Try Moby’s newest release “Destroyed” (on Little Idiot Records). If this collection of self-indulgent faux-soundtrack cuts doesn’t put you to sleep – you might need serious medical help.

This has to be the only album in existence that makes lush string arrangements sound boring and monotone. There is nothing here that I can hang my ears on. What Moby has released is him and a computer making navel-gazing music that would even annoy the most jaded navel gazer.

There are moments of sweetness, (“The Violet Bear It Away”) but they quickly erode into repetitive droning musical ideas. He – who could have really demolished preconceived notions and pioneered the genre – relies on loops and cheese-ball edits to try to elicit an emotion from the listener.

Most of what he has created here sounds like the soundtrack to a sad European movie where it is always raining and someone dies and there is a lot of slo-mo running alone through the crowded streets of the city.

The most frustrating part of listening to this disc is some of the ideas truly are beautiful. Some of the chord progressions tap into something medieval and powerful – but rather than follow the idea to a logical conclusion – he (for the most part) just loops it back around into itself.

“Stella Maris” is an exception and – actually – almost reason to buy this disc. If you can legally download this one cut – I strongly suggest it. Moby finds a way to blend ancient spirituality into the full-bodied strings and the reed-thin computer generated arrangements.

If the whole disc was as amazing – revelatory – as “Stella Maris” Moby would have a new fan. Sadly there is nothing on the disc that is even in the ballpark. Legally download this cut and leave the rest of this disc to the hardcore fans who will accept everything he records, because they are – well – hardcore fans.

Stand out Track
The Day
Stella Maris
The Violent Bear It Away

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