No Tears for Amy Winehouse

When news of Amy Winehouse’s death came down the wire I wasn’t shocked, as weren’t most people.  In my eyes, Amy is more known for her 6 times in rehab and her wild antics with her ex-husband than her music.  I can only tell you one song of hers and it’s the Rehab song.  She was the wild child to say the least. She appeared to do everything in excess…drugs….drinking.  The only news stories you’ll find of Amy here on the Dead Hub are about her assault charges brought against her and her hospitalization for her breast implants. That’s why you won’t see me shed a tear for this woman.  I don’t feel sorry or have any sympathy for her. I really don’t.  It makes me sick that people will see her as some sort of icon that the world lost too soon.  I only shed a tear for her family and friends that tried to get her the help she needed that she inevitably denied.  It’s those who tried to help her that suffered the most.  They feel more pain that Amy ever did alive. Don’t get me wrong, Amy had to have deep emotional issues to use drugs as an escape, but as someone who is best friends with a drug addict they use in order not feel the big bad world around them.  I look at Russell Brand, who was a friend of Amy’s, and see someone who overcame his demons and turned his life around, but that’s because some part of him wanted to do that.  If the person doesn’t want help there is nothing you can do. Sure, you can drag them to rehab over and over or repeatedly tell them that you love them and don’t want to see them destroy their lives, but that doesn’t matter –the drugs matter.

Amy’s autopsy ended up inconclusive. Reports are noting that it may not be for another 2 to 4 weeks until the world knows what actually killed Amy Winehouse.  The fact is that Amy was a drug addict and if she didn’t overdose, I am sure the drugs took a toll on her small frame from the prolonged use of the substances she’s abused over the years.

I don’t shed a tear for Amy because I am sure she is in a much better place now than she was on earth. I mourn for her family and friends who lost their love that they tried to save and couldn’t.

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  1. Kathlene says:

    lmao you’re a fucking idiot

  2. LM says:

    You’re dumb!

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