Farbrew’s Beer Review: Fat Tire by New Belgium Brewing

Fat Tire
New Belgium Brewing

Fat Tire is definitely one of my most favorite beers. It is an Amber Ale that has a nice malt flavoring, a hint of sweetness, with a strong hoppy freshness. The ale was created by the founder of New Belgium Brewing, Jeff, who traveled around Belgium with a bike, which is where the beer got its name. Belgium beers use much more flavoring and spices along with fruitier flavors and more yeast strains which give the beer, like Fat Tire, more of a bread-y flavoring. Since the creation of Fat Tire, the ingredients and portions have never been changed which attests to how popular the beer has been. I definitely recommend this beer especially when you are outside grilling!

Fat Tire is brewed at New Belgium Brewing in Fort Collins, CO.

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