Journey Interview with Deen Castronovo

Journey can only be described as 70’s and 80’s Rock legends and they are still going strong. “Don’t Stop Believin” is the number one ITunes download of all time and they have created some of the most well-known songs in modern music. Their summer tour schedule includes stops all across America and they are back with their 15th album, Eclipse, released earlier this year. Their current tour supports the new album with other arena rock legends Night Ranger and Foreigner.

Amy had a chance to speak with the band’s drummer, Deen Castronovo. The two spoke about touring, the new album, his love of KISS and some fond Coney Island experiences in Cincinnati. The Eclipse tour will be arriving in Cincinnati on August 3rd at the Riverbend Music Center.

Amy: First of all, I’d like you to talk about the new album Eclipse, which is the band’s 15th album. Tell us a little bit about the album and what your favorite track is to play live.

Deen: The new album, we love, we’re very proud of. It’s definitely more guitar-driven than a lot of the Journey records we have had in the past. Actually, Arnel got to do a little writing on the record which is great that we have added him to the mix with writing. My favorite song I have to say is a song called “Someone.” It’s classic Journey. When I hear this song, I get chills and I want to drive really fast in my car. I love the song. It’s a great song.

Arnel Pineda is the current lead singer of the band with uncanny vocal resemblance to Steve Perry. Pineda was discovered by the band on Youtube performing Journey songs. It is a true Cinderella story where Arnel was flown halfway around the world from the Philippines to audition with the band for two days before landing the gig of a lifetime.

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Journey Photo Gallery:

All photos by Sparky – Click on Thumbnails to enlarge images: Journey 7/2008 ChulaVista, CA

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