The Band Perry Tells Stories on the Road with Tim McGraw

Interview by Amy Harris at The First 3 Songs

The Band Perry took the stage at Riverbend Music Center on Sunday night in front of a background that said “We’re The Band Perry & We Play Country Music.” Simply stated that is exactly what they did to warm up the crowd for Luke Bryan and headliner Tim McGraw. The band is as traditional a country act and as they play you will ever hear every possible string instrument present and meaningful songs that resonate within the culture of the genre. They are country music’s newest crossover act with their smash hit single “If I Die Young” reaching number one on the country charts and the top 15 on the pop charts. They are merely a humble family band made up of siblings from Mississippi that take pride in their songwriting and classically trained musical talents. After listening to their chart-topping self-titled album, it is not hard to see why they are the hottest young group in country.

The crowd sang along as Kimberly started their newest hit song “You Lie”- dedicating it to all the cheaters with an intro from the Rihanna/Eminem hit “Love the Way You Lie.” It was not hard to see that many of the fans at Sunday’s show came just to see The Band Perry.

Amy caught up with Kimberly, Reid and Neil Perry on Tuesday after the show to discuss the band’s show this past weekend in Cincinnati. They talked about the current tour hazards of being on the road with Tim McGraw and the band’s innocent nights out.

Amy: What’s your craziest Tim McGraw tour story so far?

Kimberly: Our craziest Tim McGraw tour story? I’ll tell you this. There have been so many injuries on the “Emotional Traffic” tour. Everything from the king of the tour, Tim himself, he had his broken ankle. We had our guitar player who broke his collarbone in three places riding his bike.

Reid: Luke Bryan actually got in a fight with his bass player and his guitarist actually broke his arm. We have had everything from scratched knees to broken bones.

Kimberly: We need an emergency room on our tour.

Reid: But the cherry on top is actually on the tour in Washington. There was a fight that broke out right in front of us on stage in the crowd and Tim McGraw actually broke it up. It was actually pretty cool.

Read the full interview here at The First 3 Songs!

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