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Perry Farrell kicked off Lollapalooza this morning with exciting news! Last year Perry and the gang expanded the Lollapalooza franchise to Chile and next year not only will Lolla take place in Chile on March 31-April 1, but also in Sao Paulo, Brazil at the Jockey Club April 7-8th. The Jockey Club is an iconic site in Brazil. It is in the heart of Sao Paulo which is the largest city in South America. The location is prime for the 20,000,000 locals. The stage setting is on a racetrack where Eminem performed his historic concert last year. Perry said, “The Brazilians have a very rich history of celebration. If we (Lolla) can rub together with them, there’s no telling what heights that party will reach.” The two international locations are natural expansions for the historic Lollapalooza brand.

This morning at the press conference talk of the economic impact on Chicago was touched upon. Lollapalooza brings in $85 million into the local economy. Roughly 40% of Lollapalooza crowd is from out of state and the festival sees 90,000 fans, or weirdoes as Perry called them, walk through the gates each day.

The Parkways Foundation has teamed up with Lollapalooza and takes in $8.5 million from the festival. The money isn’t just reinvested back in the rehabilitation of the Chicago lakefront, where Lollapalooza calls home for 3 days, but expands into the city where neighborhoods need it most.

If partnering with The Parkways Foundation wasn’t enough, Berkley School of Music also teamed up with Lolla to give out a full scholarship to Berkley School of Music each year to students who audition and meet their criteria. The scholarships are backed by Goldman Sacs.

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