Dancing it up at Perry’s Stage with Lady D, Girl Talk & Kid Cudi

Lady D lollapalooza

Lady D at Perry's Stage

So Perry’s Stage was ginormous this year! Everyone who played there was under an enormous tent which was great for hiding from the rain, but ended up being a hot and sweaty place to party with Lady D & Girl Talk. Lady D’s dance party opened up with some samples from The Isley Brother’s “Who’s That Lady”, The Commodores’ “Three Times a Lady” & Modjo’s “Lady”. I honestly thought Lady D would have a bigger crowd since she is a Chicago native. But the crowd got a lil skimpy when she hit the deck. Yet the crowd that was there was fun! Everyone showing their love dancing around and for some in a drug induced state. I swear I was bound to get a contact high just from being in the center of the crowd!

Girl Talk mixed it up at Perry’s! I was so excited to see the Gregg Gillis’ hot and sweaty body but I was nowhere even close to seeing anything! The party was so mammoth it was spilling outside of Perry’s tent into the streets. The party was definitely hoppin’ and I was so sad to not be in the center of it all.

Kid Cudi Kanrocksas

Kid Cudi @ kanrocksas 8/5/2011 Photo By Dan DeSlover

 The third day of Lollapalooza can make you feel like a slacker. I mean 3 days in the sweltering heat can take it out of you!  Cudi was scheduled to headline Sunday night against Foo Fighters & Deadmau5. Rumors flooded the grounds saying Kid was gonna cancel his show. Many fans ended up heading out early due to all the rain that hit the grounds in the afternoon. But there were some troopers that hung in there for the long hall!

More photos are on their way! (photos of Kid Cudi are from his 8/5 performance at Kanrocksas)

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