Dancing to Ween at Lollapalooza

Grant Park – Chicago, IL

Ween Kanrocksas

Ween @ Kanrocksas 8/5/2011 Photo By Dan DeSlover

Where are all my ol’ skool hippies at? Probably seeing Ween at a stage near you! Ween was at the top of my list of acts to see on Saturday and boy am I glad I got to catch them! So much fun…from the awesome lyrics to the random dance circles that spread across the South end there were good times to be had by all. So what if Gene thanked Bonnaroo? Then tried to recover jokingly by saying “Thanks Kansas City”. I don’t even care! Cause with lyrics like; “Stuck in my Cabana, living on Bananas and Blow” or “She gonna be my cock professor, studying my dick / She’s gonna get a masters degree in fucking me” who could stay made at him!?



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