Lolla’s Keeping it Green!

rock and recycle lollapalooza tentRock and Recycle Booth

Love how Lolla tries to make the festival as echo-friendly as possible. Here are my top picks of how Lolla Cares:

The use of biodegradable plates and utensils

toyota green bike
Bikes Used to Generate Power for Toyota’s Slushy Machines

A plethora of garbage and recycle bins:

Lollapalooza set up a Rock and Recycle stations that gives concert goers the opportunity to earn free Lollapalooza t-shirts.  Each participate is issued a green recycling bag to take with them around the festival grounds. Once filled the bag is returned to the station for a free t-shirt.  It is a huge success. We witness ticketholders walking around the grounds, even during performance times, walking around asking people if they had anything to recycle. Many obliged to recycling their beer cans and water bottles.  The program this year was so successful that they ran out of green recycling bags and had to use regular garbage bags.

Green Street:

Green Street was made up of a Marketplace made up of organic foods and green vendors.  One of the vendors were giving away 4×4 squares made of recycled and biodegradable paper that is embedded with wildflower seeds that is meant to be planted.

Camelbak Filling Stations:

For those who purchased or owned camelback backpacks for water could refill them for free at several stations on the grounds.  This reduces the amount of water bottles consumed by festival patrons.

Bike Valet:

Taking your car to Lollapalooza is about the worse thing you could do and it’s not just for environmental reasons. With 90,000 ticketholders each day, the amount of people on the busy streets of Chicago gets more crowded.  Public transportation is highly recommended to use and many did. Bikes were also a popular form of transportation.

Lollapalooza Toyota Seasaw

See-Saw That powered the Toyota Tent

The See-Saw and Bikes at the Toyota tent:

Toyota had a clever way to get the attention of passing Lolla fans.  They gave away reusable cloth Lollapalooza bags, bandanas, and slinkies.  They also had a see-saw in the front of the tent and when in use it would power the lights in the tent. There was also a set of bikes in the tent that powered the slushy machine.


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