Any Man in America Can Be a Tease

Blue October
Any Man In America
RED Distribution
Released: August 16th, 2011

Blue October Any Man in America

This Song, the first official one on the album is epic, thoughtful, beautiful, and the biggest tone setting tease I’ve ever heard from a record. The lead singer’s voice is the rusty love child of Glen Hansard of the frames and Peter Gabriel. The song titled “The feel again (stay)” is one of the most beautiful tracks I’ve heard in long a time. Lead Vocalist and Lyricist Justin Furstenfeld really lays his balls out on the track expressing his loss in regards to his divorce and custody of his daughter.

I was prepared to adore this cd at this point…

The lyrics went on to be simple and could have been seen as cheesy (especially on track 4 entitled “For the love”) but the backing music is so beautiful it often saves the tracks from themselves. I start to think that there are super rarely albums that are good beginning to end anymore. I think it’s often because bands are trying to please so many people’s musical palates by crossing genres on one album. Also I think bands are trying to prove their roots, or create the music they listen to, opposed to what their talented in making and ultimately it’s all too much. At track two – if the album stayed that way I would have loved it beginning to end but by track 5 it has gone far too pop and then by track six it makes an embarrassing failure attempting glam rock. Now at track 7 we’re going to rap? Justin has the rock genre down, while he may have been raised on hip hop, we believe you, we don’t need to hear it unless you’re a rapper through and through otherwise this just feels..awkward. You’re not Eminem, and by track 8 I am sick of hearing this grown man cry about his daughter. I don’t feel for him anymore, it’s just turned bad. Fast.

Blue October has beautiful sounding instruments that range all over the board, violins (in very unique ways), drums, bass, mandolins etc etc and Justin Furstenfeld has a poetically beautiful voice. If he gave me 10 tracks similar to “The feel again” I would be singing the praises, unfortunately, instead I feel like I just saw a mirage.

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  1. Naomi says:

    You really disgust me with this review. While everyone is entitled to their opinion in this world, this is definately one of the worst ones that I’ve read.

    You have obviously never been through the hell divorce brings, nor have you lost custody of a child. That little girl is his world, so why shouldnt he cry about it, lement and mourne it? So what if hes a grown man? Does that mean he shouldnt show his emotion? He should keep it all bottled up, act tough and not shed a tear? Thats like the 1950s psycho military dad standpoint on how a man “should” act. I for one think hes extremly brave to show his emotions on such a deep and profound level for MILLIONS to hear and know.

    The album was MENT to fuck you up… really LISTEN to it next time, not the genre’s there in, and maybe, just MAYBE you’ll understand what this man went through. So what if hes not Eminem, Tupac or Notorious… rap started out as poetry and a form of expression and thats how he chose to express himself as an artist.Music isnt about the genre its from.. its about the message they are delivering and bringing to you, and if you arent listening to the message… why listen to music at all?

    If you dont understand it after giving it a serious listen, you should probably write reveiws on something you comprehend. Oh, wait… then you would probably have nothing to write about.

  2. AyOhAy says:

    Ive lived the hell that divorce and custody battles ensue first hand, assuming is not a good
    look. Really read the review next time.

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