Celabrasion Indeed

Sleeper Agent
Sony Music
Released: OUT ON iTunes, physical release due September 27th, 2011.

Hipster Alert: GET THIS!

I sat by the pool in sunny southern California and I hit play. Most of the world is currently hanging onto the last days of summer. Summer.. Fun, lighthearted, simple, energetic, little did I know all of these things would soon describe Sleeper Agent’s debut album as well. From beginning to end I don’t have a single bad thing to say about this little beauty. Young kids from Kentucky jam out and make the most detail oriented – lyric obsessed music guru not ask any serious questions. There truly isn’t anything serious here, it’s just simple plain good fun music. Beautiful dual lead vocals will hold your hand as you squeeze tightly to the last days of sweet summer sweat, let this be your anthem, or you’ll be quite sorry.. As summer fades to fall I suspect you’ll hear their tunes already remixed and banging from cars still daring to have the windows down in cool temperatures. You have to go big when you need to split royalties six ways, yet in this instance I don’t think it will even mildly be an issue. Bravo KY, keep breeding rock stars.

Sleeper Agent celebrasion cover

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