Cage the Elephant Interview from Kanrocksas

Cage the Elephant interview with Amy Harris at The First 3 Songs

The inaugural Kanrocksas Music Festival took place at Kansas Speedway in Kansas City last weekend with headlining performances by Eminem, MUSE, The Black Keys, Cage the Elephant and many more acts. The festival is being called a mini-Lollapalooza as many of the same bands performed as they made their way to and from Chicago. We caught all the headlining bands with photo coverage and were impressed with the overall festival and organization in its first year. Eminem brought the house down with an epic performance on night one singing classics like Stan with the video playing in the background and newer hits including Airplanes.

Cage the Elephant also had one of my favorite performances that was high energy with lead singer Matt Schultz diving into the crowd singing In One Ear. They have taken the garage band setup to a new level. Their energy and raw talent has made them a summer festival favorite. They have just come off releasing their 2nd nationwide label studio album, Thank You Happy Birthday which features Rock number one hit “Shake Me Down,” and the current single “Around My Head.”

Amy sat down with lead guitarist Lincoln Parish and rhythm guitarist Brad Schultz before they took the stage at the Kansrocksas music festival this past weekend. They discussed the band’s most recent show and performances in Cincinnati as well as dealing with nerves, no matter how big the stage they perform on.

Amy: You had a big day in Cincinnati back in March, you came through and played Bogarts and you sang at Opening Day for the Reds. How was that experience for you?

Lincoln: It was definitely interesting. When we got up (at Reds stadium) and it was time for us to do it, they were like, “The keyboard is going to come in and then you guys start.” Then they said, “No, the keyboard is not going to come in so you guys just start it.” Then they came back and said something totally different.

Brad: Then right before we went on they were like, “The keyboard is definitely going to start.”

Read the rest of the interview at The First 3 Songs! (Direct Link)

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