Volbeat Interview with Michael Poulsen

Volbeat Interview by Amy Harris at The First 3 Songs

Volbeat is Michael Poulsen (Vocals / Guitar), Anders Kjølholm (Bass), Jon Larsen (Drums) and Thomas Bredahl (Guitar).  They may not be a household name around the venues in the United States, but they are an intense heavy metal Danish band that has played in front of some of the largest crowds in the world overseas.  Their song Fallen is also taking over Octane Sirius radio and rock radio stations across the country. They are about to kick off their U.S. leg of their Grand Summer Tour. It will promote their album Beyond Hell and Above Heaven that was released late in 2010.

Amy caught up with lead vocalist Michael Poulson to discuss their growing popularity in America, being naked with Metallica, and the great successes of the band in Europe.  This is a great opportunity to catch an act that half the world already has fallen in love with.

Amy: Thank you for taking the time to talk to us today. I know it’s evening for you.

Michael: Yeah. Right now the sun is shining. Me and my wife are sitting out in the garden. It’s really good weather. The kids are playing around. Everything is just really peaceful.

Amy: The tour does kick off next week in the U.S. What can fans expect from you guys and the show?

Michael: We really love what we are doing. We are definitely a live band. We are very serious about our records. We would never go into the studio if we weren’t capable of doing exactly the same thing on the records that we do live. The image is just so much higher live because there are certain things you can’t get on the record. So there will definitely be lots of energy and good spirit and good connection to the audience. This is definitely a tour we are looking forward to.

Read the full interview at The First 3 Songs! (Direct Link)

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