Thinking of going to The Gathering of the Juggalos?

The Gathering 2011 To Hog Rock 1

Here are a few things to expect during your Gathering experience. Let’s start off when you enter the grounds. Car searches! Your car will get searched for glass bottles, drugs, weapons. Roadblocks! When being stopped by the police you will be asked if you have anything on you. If you give it up freely you will be let go with a $150 fine. If you don’t give it up the dogs will be brought out and you will be detained for the whole weekend until you see a judge on Monday. There were also searches on the way out to make sure you didn’t buy anything to take home with you. My advice, don’t take any souvenirs home with ya. Not that I am condoning drug use, but if you buy it at the fest – do it there! Don’t try to take it home with ya.

The Gathering 2011 Hog Rock Pig

People constantly saying Whoop Whoop……and expecting you to say it back.

The Gathering 2011 Graffiti Shed

Bulletholes & Gunshots. During the night you can hear random shots being fired. I would guess it’s cause there aint much to do in bufu.

The Gathering 2011 Bullet Hole Stop Sign

The Gathering 2011 Bullet Hole Turn Sign

If you are a girl be prepared for every guy to ask you to show your tits. Apparently country boys do not have cable.

Juggalos. I thought Lollapalooza was supposed to bring all the weirdo’s out, but Lolla got nothing on The Gathering. I love it!

The Gathering 2011 Juggalos 4

Naked girls. Mind you most of them are not great to look at. But they are everywhere. Walking around. Chillin’ by the showers. Riding the carnival rides. Watching acts at the main stage. If you are one of these girls you will be hit on. You will be asked to take photos with people. And you will hear pickup lines like “I like to eat pussy”. Maybe this is the reason why these guys ask every girl to show their tatas.

This is a BYOB fest so people sell beer out of their coolers constantly. You can find some pretty decent deals walking around. Just keep in mind people make runs from where they are sitting back to their cars to refill their coolers so they aren’t always cold. Drink up!

Graffiti everywhere!

 The Gathering 2011 Graffiti

You can get just about anything for a buck. We found lots of shots for a $1. There was a jello shot stand,then there are the not so classy shots out of a bottle of Jameson, Jäger, or whatever else people have. Fuck there was even a girl selling squirts of her breast-milk for a $1. Disgusting!

I also saw a girl with a sign that read “You buy coke from me and you can snort it off my tits”

There are so many drugs out in the open. Saw lots of bongs, pipes, coke, you name it it’s here! While chillin’ at the picnic tables I heard a guy ask to bum a cigarette. When told no he’s like “I’ll trade you some yay”. Needless to say a deal was made and tho I think the guy who gave up his cigarette “won” in that deal it was a little crazy to see. People openly offer you drugs constantly. Like they were bags of peanuts at a baseball game.

The Gathering 2011 Whipit

Lastly I would like to wrap this up with a few stories I heard to really get across how different this fest is.

In the Freak Show Tent: I heard last year Ron Jeremy was fisting people. Classy.

One year a Girl had sex with a microphone for free shit, also in the Freak Show Tent. Then came back the next year to top her previous performance by squirting all over people after her basterbation session. Trashy.

Ok this one happened this year! I heard this from a fellow Press peep. While over by their camping area along the fence line they noticed people sneaking in by crawling under the fence. Fellow Juggalos were getting pissed telling the Press to take photos of them to turn these guys in. Ummmm we’re Press guys….not Police! So anyway. The girl I was talking to said there were guys hanging out down by the fence for like 2 hours. When they came back to camp she asked them what they had been up to. They said “setting boobie traps” come to find out they drooped duce all along the fence. Boobie trap? More like poopie trap!

The Gathering 2011 Juggalos

I just have to say I love that she is wearing chucks with this outfit!

The Gathering 2011 Juggalos 3

Yeah there are 2 people passed out here.

The Gathering 2011 Juggalos 5

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