What is The Gathering of the Juggalos?

The Gathering 2011 Hog Rock

To many it’s ICP’s annual music festival…..I like to call it mini Amsterdam. Tho I’m sure Amsterdam is much nicer than Hog Rock. This festival holds no bar. It’s durty, grungy, a bit trashy and full of drugs. You can find just about any substance to enhance your Gathering experience on “Dealer’s Bridge”.

The Gathering 2011 Dealers Bridge at Night

The Gathering 2011 Dealers Bridge by Day

The fest itself is pretty small. The grounds map looks GIANT with all the camp sites but you can walk it in a matter of minutes. There is the main stage, second stage and of course wrestling stage and the freak show stage. All within minutes of each other.

The Gathering 2011 Freak Show Tent

Now being a festival person, I have never been to a festival quite like this. Full of dibochary around every corner. I mean I get drug usage at a concert. Weed is smoked just about anywhere these days. Even at Lolla you will see people light up a joint while waiting for the next band or smoking a joint while chillin’ in the grass listening to some hippie music. But I have never seen anyone just bust out lines like it ain’t no big thang. And you never hear anyone asking me to show them my tits or flash a joint and a bag of a powdery substance asking if I need anything. Sure debauchery!

What to do:

You can keep busy with 9am wake and bake parties to afternoon sideshows before the main stage opens at 6pm lasting til midnight. If you are still roaring to go you can hit up some wrestling matches and a comedy show. If you are still up after all that there is always the ‘I’ve never been so high after party”.

The Gathering 2011 Breakfast

Love Train: Too wasted to walk? Catch a ride on a Love Train!

The Gathering 2011 Travel Tracker

The Gathering 2011 Love Train

Ladies Oil Wrestling: Ladies of Slick Chix getting greased up for your viewing pleasure. These ladies were hitting it hard aiming for chokes slams all while covered in KY.

Hepatitis Lake: Ok not really called Hepatitis Lake but the Juggalos like to call it that.

The Gathering 2011 Hepatitis Lake

The Gathering 2011 Hepatitis Lake 2

ABK’s Wake & Bake BYO Breakfast Bash: Need to refuel from a long night of partying? Need that final hit to put you down for a few hours or wake you up to start the process all over again? This is the party for you!

The Gathering 2011 ABK

Drive By’s Never Been This High Smoke Party: Another BYOB party. Bring your own blunt and party with Blaze and Drive By all night long.

The Gathering 2011 ICP

Violent J’s Juggalo Jam
Michael Jackson vs Prince
This is a dance party y’all! Featuring the best Michael Jackson impersonator vs the greatest Prince impersonator.

The Gathering 2011 ICP 2

Ms. Juggalette Contest
The hottest superstar Juggalettes from around the grounds and have them compete in categories like personality, talent, sex appeal, and other stuff.

The Gathering 2011 Juggalette 1

The Gathering 2011 Juggalette

Lingerie Contest – Faygo Wet T-shirt Contest – pretty self-explanatory.

Psychopathic Karaoke
Think you know the lyrics to your favorite Psychopathic Records songs? Well spit it out then!

Carnival Rides
Alright there’s really only 4 rides but they’re free so why not!

The Gathering 2011 Carnival Rides

Alright I’m a grown as women but I love a party with a moonwalk!

Helicopter Rides
Wanna see the grounds from a different view? Looking to get high at The Gathering without herbal substances? Get high up in a helicopter!

The Gathering 2011 Helicopter

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