Burning Man Radio!

Not all of us can make it to the famous hippy fest in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. The festival sells to 50,000 people every year. I assure you they would host more if they could as the tickets are a hot commodity after they event sells out. The festival is an arts and music fest that is like no other.  It’s the unconference of festivals.  No bands are officially booked to play, but there is no lack of music or art.  Project are encouraged and you must fill out a form to create and deliver your project to the grounds.

For those driving in their cars or for those of us who can’t make it this year, here is the Burning Man Radio site that is streaming music as well as weather and other important updates: http://www.bmir.org/ or in your car at 94.5fm.


The Radio Schedule for 8/26:

3 – 4:30pm DJ One Millionth
4:30 – 6pm – Decibel
6 – 8 pm  Blackass Ringleader & RJ
8- 10pm – Andrew from Opulent Temple lays down 2hrs of heavy beats
10 – 12am J Kanizzle

The live stream is quite hilarious. The DJs, who are really DJs that spin music in clubs, talk about their mixes as well as the weather and wind updates.  As I am writing this they are mentioning that they are trapped in the trailer they are broadcasting from and the DJ really needs to to use the bathroom. So for some kicks and giggles tune it!

Photos from previous Burning Man Festivals:

For more info on Burning Man go to:
Facebook Community Page

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