Q&A with Mark Tremonti from Alter Bridge

Interview by Amy Harris at The First 3 Songs

Alter Bridge is a hard rock band formed by Creed members Mark Tremonti, Brian Marshall, and Scott Phillips alongside their lead singer Myles Kennedy. The band released their third studio album in 2010, aptly named ABIII. The album features their first number one hit “Isolation” and debuted in the top 20 the week after release. They are currently on tour with Theory of a Deadman, Black Stone Cherry, Adelita’s Way, and Emphatic on the Carnival Madness tour.

Amy spoke with guitarist Tremonti to preview the tour coming through the area in Louisville and Dayton. They talked about the band’s writing style and his future ventures including the future of his solo career and other headlining band Creed. Alter Bridge will be playing the Kentucky State Fair in Louisville Friday night and in Dayton, Ohio as part of X-Fest in Dayton on September 18 with the rest of the acts on the Carnival of Madness tour.

Amy: I’ve seen you play several times in Creed and with Alter Bridge most recently at Rock on the Range. I love you guys in both bands. I know you write a lot of music with Myles and for Creed as well. Do you have a different writing style when you are considering the different vocals between Myles and Scott?

Mark: No, when I am writing, I am writing whatever I am feeling at the moment. Then later on I will go through and categorize stuff after the fact and kind of organize ideas once I have gotten out of the moment.

Amy: Do you write it by yourself?

Read the rest of the interview at The First 3 Songs! (Direct Link)

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