Farbrew’s Beer Review: Redemption Blonde Ale by Russian River Brewing Co.

Redemption Blonde Ale
Russian River Brewing Company

redemption blonde ale

This delicious Belgium style ale is the sister of an award winning ale, Damnation. Apparently, this ale is rarely brewed in American let alone Belgium. These types of ales are only brewed at Trappist Monasteries for monks to enjoy with their lunches and dinners. This is such a smooth beer to drink with a slightly dry after taste. The beer is refermented inside the bottle for it’s carbonation. The yeast from the beer forms a thin layer at the bottom of the bottle giving the beer its complexity and taste. It is recommended to poor this bottle slowly into the glass to keep the sediment in the bottle. You can most likely find this beer at a beer and wine store but no promises.

ABV: 5.15%

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