Farbrew’s Beer Review: Aprihop by Dogfish Head Brewery

Dogfish Head Brewery

dogfish head aprihop

This seasonal beer from the Dogfish Brewery called Aprihop is released at the beginning on every Spring. This beer is unique because it’s made with Apricots which is something I personally have never had before. The scent of Apricots was immediate as I popped the top but I didn’t get that so much with the taste. The beer is a darker IPA with the color similar to an Apricot. It is a lot smoother and not as heavy as it looks upon pouring. This beer is brewed with a ton of hops which you can really taste when drinking it. It is suggested to best drink this beer out of a pint, and my assumption of this to allow the scent and flavors of the beer to really take affect. This is definitely a beer that any frequent beer drinker should try. You won’t find it in a typical liquor or grocery store, (at least in LA) but you might find it at your local beer and wine store. I found mine at Wally’s Wine & Spirits. I am also going to start adding the Alcohol By Volume (ABV) and International Bitterness Unit (IBU) to my posts to help further familiarize the type of beer and it’s alcohol content.

ABV: 7.0
IBU: 50

As a test to see how good this beer is, I wanted Mooby, one of my favorite dogs in the world, who happens to also be a lover of beer (even though she is NEVER allowed to have any) to see what she thought about the beer. And from the looks of the picture below, she was sure to do anything in her power to get me to allow her to stick her head in my glass. Safe to say she used her usual flirtations with me (which always seems to work) to try and dunk her in the glass.

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