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    Farbrew’s Beer Review: Allagash White by Allagash Brewing Co.

    Allagash White
    Allagash Brewing Co.

    allagash white by allagash brewing co

    Allagash White is another one of my all time favorite beers. It is a Belgium Wheat beer paired with coriander spice and hints of orange peel. It has a light cloudy look to it. It is a very refreshing beer with lots of flavor in each sip. You can usually find Allagash White on tap at classier type bars and restaurants. I usually drink it from the tap rather than the bottle. This beer is brewed in Portland, ME. Allagash is a perfect beer for a summer’s day and one that any typical beer drink should try. If you like a lot of flavoring in your beer, rather than the standard formula for beer, this is a great one to try. Look out for it next time you are out on the town as it is available year round.

    ABV: 5.0%
    IBU: 13

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