Fool’s Gold shimmers at Mercury Lounge

Late into Thursday evening, Fool’s Gold hit the stage of the Mercury Lounge.  The LA outfit led by Luke Top and Lewis Pesacov, which once had 8 players, has downsized a bit to a quintet.  With the bulk of the set deriving from their latest album Leave No Trace, Lewis started off the night with a twangy instrumental interlude into “Bark and Bite”.  From the new to the oldies but goodies, a heavy bass line throbbed and the saxophone blew into “Nadine”.

Luke didn’t chat much, sticking to the music to entertain the crowd.  “Wide Window” had the crowd clapping along and shuffling about on the dance floor.  Then, saxophonist Brandon Claukins picked up his shakers and went at it to open up “The Dive”.  Luke’s vocal were reminiscent of Morrissey’s over a sunnier composition.  Luke also showed off some of his native tongue singing “Tel Aviv” in Hebrew.   The crowd really got into it when the band went back to their self-titled debut album to jam through “Surprise Hotel”.  As if that wasn’t enough of a treat for fans, they  extended the song which elicited a dance party.

Sadly, Luke announced “Street Clothes” would be their “last” song.  He couldn’t end the set without announcing that  sax player Brandon was celebrating his 21st birthday.  Jokingly, Luke said the tour has really aged him.  It was all in good fun as Brandon later joined Luke at the mic.  So instead of exiting the stage which is a cumbersome endeavor at the cozy venue, the band played one more for the road.  To get in on the Afro_Hebrew dance party, head to Brooklyn Bowl Saturday night, September 24 to get your groove on.

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