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Here are the shows for this week at The Empty Bottle!

The Empty Bottle understands how much fall and winter can be overwhelming. Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve – so many plans to make, so much family to appease. But have no fear – the bottle has your holidays mapped out for you. If you’re looking to get dressed up and act a fool on Saturday, October 29, they have the insanely fun line up of Coffin Pricks, Outer Minds, Mannequin Men and Football and can pretty much guarantee the best party ever. If you’re more of a traditionalist, they’ve got Apteka (celebrating their LP release), Sybris and Touched By Ghoul on Monday, October 31. Want to feel like total crap over Thanksgiving? Come spend the Thanksgiving Eve at The Empty Bottle and Thee Oh Sees – two shows, two times the fun! And this week are announcing two of their New Year’s Eve shows – the Empty Bottle is welcoming Disappears and Bare Mutants (more to be announced later) and at Logan Square Auditorium Windy City Soul Club will be taking over the room for the whole night for a bonkers dance party.

Oh – and if you’re already thinking about Christmas presents, who wouldn’t want some snazzy Empty Bottle coasters? The auction is live now through 32auctions – sweet present and helping out the American Liver Foundation- what more could you ask for?

10.06.11 The Pack A.D. | The Mediums | Sleepovers (free w/RSVP)

10.07.11 Gardens & Villa | Youth Lagoon | Tiger Waves

10.08.11 Handmade Market (12pm; free)

10.08.11 Wild Flag | YellowFever

10.09.11 Wild Flag | YellowFever

10.10.11 Anika | Slowdance

10.11.11 Ashtray Boy | Colony Park

10.12.11 Drop the Lime | Clique Talk | Action / Adventure

10.13.11 DaM-FunK + Master Blazter | DJ Ron Trent | Junie Morrison

10.18.11 Big Colour | Renderers | Sore Eros (free w/ RSVP)

10.20.11 The Field | Lazer Crystal | Bastardgeist

10.28.11 Gold Panda | neonblossom

11.01.11 Slim Cessna’s Auto Club

11.03.11 Little Scream | BOBBY

11.19.11 The Socialists (7pm)

12.07.11 Rocket From the Tombs [Pere Ubu]

12.08.11 Blondes | Save the Clocktower | Windbreaker

12.22.11 The Buddies (free w/ RSVP)

12.31.11 Disappears | Bare Mutants

12.31.11 Windy City Soul Club (@ LSA)

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