Filter Dives into Milwaukee

The Rave – Milwaukee, WI

Filter is:
Richard Patrick – vocals
Mika Fineo – drums
Rob Patterson – guitar
Phil Buckman – bass

Filter The Rave

On August 17, 2010 Filter released The Trouble with Angels, the band’s 5th studio release. Filter had one of their biggest hits back in 1995 with “Hey Man Nice Shot” that peaked at #76 on the Billboard Charts.  It is considered to be one of their most notable songs, yet they reached #12 of the Billboard charts with “Take a Picture” off their album Title of Record and were back on the charts reaching number #94 with “Where Do We Go From Here.”  2011 has them on the road with alternative rockers Bush and Chevelle.

Filter’s “No Love” Video:

Last night Filter had an early start.  Please note the early start for the rest of their tour dates because some missed part of their set as the Rave said the show started at 7pm!  That didn’t stop Richard and the crew from killing it onstage.  They played an array of songs from their catalog and even covering ZZ Top’s “Gimme All Your Loving.”

Richard also interacted with the fans the entire set.  He grabbed several cameras from the crowd and started taking photos of the rest of the band onstage.  At one point Richard asked the crowd if they would support him if he jumped in the crowd. With unanimous agreement from the crowd Richard dove in.

Filter made a strong bond with their fans last night.  Richard also let it be known that the band permits photos and videos of their show as he told the crowd to get closer to take photos and video.   He said, “Nothing comes between our fans and us!”

Their set ended with “Hey Man Nice shot” and were a great opener for Chevelle and Bush. This tour is a must-see for alternative rock fans!

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Filter online:

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