Interview: Sam Loeffler of Chevelle

Chevelle Amy Harris

Chevelle has been rocking faces off their crowds for over ten years. The three piece set is set to release their sixth studio album in December with Hats off to the Bull. Their most recent release Sci-Fi Crimes was a top 10 album on the Billboard charts with the smash hit “Sleep Apnea.”

Amy spoke with drummer Sam Loeffler before their show in Cincinnati on Friday. They spoke about their rise to fame and their new album hitting stores in December. Their current tour with Filter and Bush is a must-see.

Amy: I’m kind of intrigued by this family band concept.

Sam: We get that a lot. Pete and I just always played together since literally 23 years ago when we picked up instruments. We just always started writing songs from the very beginning and it was just a coincidence that we both got really interested in music at the same time.

Amy: What was the age at that time?

Sam: 12 and 14.

Amy: Are you the older one?

Sam: I am. That’s how I think of myself, as the old one.

Read the entire interview over at The First 3 Songs!

For pictures from their Milwaukee set go here!

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