Farbrew’s Beer Review: Lake Placid IPA by Lake Placid Craft Brewing

Lake Placid IPA
Lake Placid Craft Brewing

Lake Placid IPA

This beer is a basic American style IPA rich with hops and has a malty sweet taste. The initial pour gives a light head and a nice copper color. Apparently, this beer was brewed for the winter time but has earned its spot in Lake Placid’s permanent line up. It earned a silver medal at the Great International Beer Festival. Would go great with spicy foods like Buffalo wings or a Cajun Cuisine. My personal opinion is that there really isn’t anything special about this beer. I definitely enjoyed drinking it, but I feel that the IPA beer lovers of the world wouldn’t really be impressed with this one. This beer is brewed in Lake Placid, NY at the Lake Placid Brewing Company.

ABV: 6.8%
IBU:  17.5

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