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Woof! I’m Still Hungry.

Eve To Adam
Eve to Adam Banquet for a Starving Dog

Queens NY band Eve to Adam releases their national debut cd: Banquet for a Starving Dog and to be honest the band still needs to give the dog a bone. To be as nice as I can possibly be, the entire cd is no worse than anything else on the radio today, although that is the problem because it is also no better. The lyrics are straightforwardly delivered to you, without metaphor, and in a rhyming fashion. I listen to lyrics and so at this point the music has become nails down a chalkboard to me. If you don’t listen to lyrics and just like rock music, for rock music, then you will be satisfied along with the solid allegiance of ETA fans. I truly hate bashing an up and coming band but I have to be honest, I would have sat on releasing this album until the lyrical content showed more depth and perception, it killed it for me. Maybe the lead singer can focus less on his already impressive body and more on the words he’s delivering? Sometimes pretty just isn’t enough.

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