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    Electric Touch’s “Don’t Stop”

    Electric Touch
    Don’t Stop
    Island Records
    Suppose millennial pop star Pink made a song so catchy and commercial a health club decided to use it as their… wait. That has happened already. Clearly the soft-pop quintet Electric Touch was paying very close attention. You might say they were heavily influenced by that driving dancer-cize-style of pop music.

    “Don’t Stop” is an EP of clean and crisp pop music. Nothing challenging – nothing deep, just fun, aggressive, predictable pop that nearly blurs into one 13-minute long song.

    The title track resonates with a “spin-off-the-pounds” vibe. This is the song I expect to hear ringing out in every gym/health club pushing the bar and raising the adrenaline – not challenging the mind.

    Magnetic” sounds like an outtake from the aforementioned Pink. It is fun and painless – but it is likely not something that will be around a year from now. This is not to say that all music must have along shelf life – but the best music typically does. Beatles anyone?

    Dominos” saves this EP from being completely bereft of substance. It is very close – but not completely.

    If you are going to the gym – or power walking – or you want to feel like you are might be working out later – “Don’t Stop” (even the title suggest forward motion) is a good little quartet of pop nuggets.

    If you prefer your music to be original – passionate – compelling – you might want to a pass on this one. I will say – though – the song “Don’t Stop” contains my favorite lyrical line of the year, “Life is strange, but love is stranger.”
    Stand Out Track


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