MENEW’s “Wide Awake Hello”

MENEW (pronounced “men-u”)
Wide Awake Hello
Redcore Music Group

Shade – Vocals
Nathan Samuel Philip – Drums, Backing Vocals I
Key – Piano, Synthesizers


Hello David Bowie! MENEW is a trio of brothers Canada that were heavily influenced by British Rock. They are all classically trained on the piano and have a deep love and appreciation for music.  The brothers’ last EP, Of The Future, was a hit among critics and landed them recognition by the Grammy Awards as well as placement at the top of the Billboard charts of top written songs back in 2009.  As for their name, it is more of a symbol than a name. Shade explains, “It originally came from merging two signs in our garage rehearsal space. We liked that it was ambigram.”

MENEW Group Photo

Photo Credit: Deborah Anderson

Wide Awake Hello is their first full length studio album. It’s packed with songs that demonstrate their knowledge of British rock and synthesizers.  It’s songs like “Sinking Ship” that immediately reminds me of David Bowie.  Yet “The Neon Light (Part 1)/In Debt (Part 2)” has the alternative rock vibe. When Shade hits the higher octaves I feel like I am listening to Chris Cornell.

MENEW’s “Don’t Give Up on Us Now” Music Video:

The entire album is infused with a balance of pop, synths, and rock. It’s tasty ear candy in a world of mundane music. Pick it up if you are looking for a bit of British Rock fused into your rock ‘n’ roll!

Standout Songs
Wide Awake
Sinking Ship
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