Mindless Behavior Headline The Scream Tour

Mindless Behavior
The Scream Tour: The Next Generation
The Rave – Milwaukee, WI

Mindless Behavior The Rave Milwaukee SCream Tour

Mindless Behavior is enjoying the success of their new album, #1 Girl, on iTunes right now. Mindless Behavior is made up of 4 boys Princeston, Ray Ray, Roc Royal, and Prodigy. They all have the looks that make their fans scream with excitement when in their presence. They are currently headlining the Scream tour: The Next Generation with Diggy, Jacob Latimore, Hamilton Park, and OMG Girlz.

The Mindless Behavior boys hit the stage last night to a full house of screaming fans. Since it was an all ages show the doors opened at 5pm with a 6pm start time when OMG Girlz kicked off the night. It was Diggy  that stole the show before Mindless Behavior took the stage. He even invited Jacob Latimore onstage with him.  Mindless Behavior started at 8:00pm sharp.

Mindless Behaviour - #1 Girl by Interscope Records

The boys are dancers. They are very good dancers that swooned their fans with their slick moves. The quartet worked the floor and the crowd. At times the boys would head to the end of the stage and reach out to their adoring fans. They also worked the ramp and high-rises near the back of the stage. They stayed in sync with their dancing moves.

The only hangup I have with the boys is that they lip sync. It is kind of deceiving because their wireless head mics were taped to their faces. Why go through all the trouble if the band isn’t really singing? Of course I can’t rake them over the coals too much because most of the big dancing pop acts lip sync – think Britney Spears.

Was the show entertaining? Yes and it was definitely a family friendly affair.

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the Mindless Behavior photos from The Rave:


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