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Five Finger Death Punch at The Rave

Five Finger Death Punch
The Rave – Milwaukee, WI

Five Finger Death Punch the Rave Milwaukee

Following All That Remains is not a simple task, however Five Finger Death Punch shouldered the task and revitalized the frenzied and sold-out crowd at The Rave / Eagle’s Ballroom.  It was a certainty that more than a few decided to “Share the Welt” on this tour; and countless fans left the venue sweaty, bruised and shirtless into the chilled fall air.  Though they also departed content, leaving everything they had inside.

Vocalist Ivan Moody preached pro-American dialogue between songs, “We are all American!” in support of U.S. troops.  Otherwise they let their music speak, and it spoke volumes as their aggressive sound was thoroughly devoured.  Touring on American Capitalist, FFDP continue to gain momentum with each release while leaving a wake of new and satisfied fans along the way.

Guitarist Zoltan Bathory was a marvel to watch as he thrashed his long dreads while displaying some amazing fretwork.  His style meshes will with Jason Hook’s guitar play.  Chris Keel has filled in well on bass duties, replacing Matt Snell earlier this year.

Rains replaced Rev Theory (they had to withdraw from the tour due to an injury) to open the tour.  Hatebreed are also on the bill.

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1. Under and Over It
2. Salvation
3. American Capitalist
4. Hard to See
5. The Way of the Fist
6. No One Gets Left Behind
7. Bad Company (Bad Company cover)
8. White Knuckles
9. Far From Home
10. Bulletproof
11. Never Enough
12. The Bleeding
13. Burn it Down

Click on the thumbnails of Five Finger Death Punch to enlarge photos:

Head over to Concert Capture for more live music reviews and photos!

Under and Over It
American Capitalist
Hard to See
Way of the Fist
No One Gets Left Behind
Bad Company
White Knuckles
Far From Home
Bullet Proof
Never Enough
The Bleeding
Burn it Down

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