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Yvette’s Monthly Mixer – Blue Snowflake

Yvette's Monthly Mixer Blue Snowflake

Christmas is coming!!!! In light of the holiday spirit try this tasty Hpnotiq concoction. Now the original recipe calls for 2 oz of Hpnotiq but I thought it was a bit much so we made it with only 1. Turned out really good! But I will leave that up to you, either way it’s gonna be amazing!

Drink Ingredients:
1 oz Hpnotiq
1 oz Vodka
Pineapple Juice

Drink Preparation:
Fill glass with ice. Add Hpnotiq, Vodka, then fill glass with pineapple juice. Give it a lil stir or shake it up in a shaker and enjoy! I garnished with a lemon but you could get crazy and use some rock candy sticks.

Servings: 1

The Hangover:
This tiny cocktail is packed with a punch! Hpnotiq & Vodka!? This is gonna get you all warm and fuzzy inside in no time! I know it probably doesn’t sound very appealing, personally I would have never thought of mixing Hpnotiq and Vodka together but this was delicious!

Enjoy & let me know what ya think of the Blue Snowflake!

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    […] The Dead Hub shares a new monthly mixer, the Blue Snowflake. […]

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