Scott Weiland Takes on Christmas

Scott Weiland
The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
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scott weiland the most wonderful time of the year coverWho would be one of the most likely candidates to release a Christmas album? I’ll give you a minute to think about that one…Ok, so Scott Weiland released a Christmas album called, The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. It’s kind of trippy to hear this Stone Temple Pilot’s singer covering Christmas classics like “The Christmas Song.”   The first track that popped up on my music player was “Happy Christmas and Many More,” and it sounded like Jimmy Buffett high-jacked the track.  It’s very much an island song. Scott’s take on “Silent Night” has a bossa nova beat that is right inline with “Happy Christmas.”  Yet the album is filled with traditional piano and sting arrangements. What’s not there is the rock element that so many fans may be expecting, so don’t hold your breath for a guitar solo or Scott singing into a  megaphone.

It’s obvious Scott wasn’t afraid of taking some risks with the Christmas album.  He took a big one just releasing a Christmas album…period. Not many rockers release an entire album of Christmas music.  If I wasn’t told this album was by Scott Weiland, I don’t think I could have pinpointed the artist.   I might have guessed an unreleased Christmas album by David Bowie.  It’s a far stray from what Scott Weiland fans are accustomed to, but not a bad attempt at covering our favorite Christmas songs. I can tell you for sure it beats anything by Justin Bieber, but if I ever see Scott collaborating with Mariah Carey on a Christmas tune, we’ll have to sit down and talk. Do you hear me Scott?

scott weiland christmas photoThe album is available now in stores and on all digital retail outlets (iTunes / Amazon)- get more details at

Track Listing
1. “The Christmas Song”
2. “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”
3. “White Christmas”
4. “Silent Night”
5. “It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year”
6. “What Child Is This?”
7. “Winter Wonderland”
8. “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”
9. “Happy Christmas And Many More”
10. “O Holy Night”

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