Jim Beam’s Red Stag

Red Stag DrinksI ended up at the Tilted Kilt the other night to grab a drink and midway through my 4 hour stay with a friend a couple of the Tilted Kilt girls came up to us and asked if we wanted to try Red Stag.  The first thing that popped into my friend’s head was, “That’s Kid Rock‘s drink!” I just  looked at her like she was crazy.   Yet she was right,  Jim Beam partnered with several musicians such as Kid Rock and Montgomery Gentry to help spread the word about the new Bourbon.

(Quick Fact: Bourbon is the same as whiskey!  What makes Bourbon is the location in which it’s made and that is only in one place…the southern United States.)

For those who don’t like the straight up flavor and bite that whiskey has may enjoy this cherry infused bourbon from Jim Beam.   I had my first taste of the whiskey mixed with Coke.  It was a very smooth drink without the harsh edge that whiskey can have.  It also wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet for it being combined with a mixer like Coke.   I don’t mind a good whiskey and this one could top my list.

Jim Beam’s Red Stag Stats:
80 proof
40% Alc./Vol.

Recommended Serving Suggestion (recipe via JimBeam.com):

Red Stag by Jim BeamIngredients:

3 parts Red Stag by Jim Beam® Infused Bourbon
4 parts Cola

Pour Red Stag by Jim Beam® into 16 oz. glass half filled with ice. Fill glass with cola, stir lightly and serve.


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  1. Paul Barile says:

    RED STAG is heaven in a bottle.
    Pour some in a glass with a sliver of ice.
    Thank you sir, may I have another?

  2. Walters says:

    well location isn’t the only thing that makes a whiskey a bourbon, there are standards it has to meet like how long its aged (at least 2 years) what its aged (new white oak barrels) in the type of grain bourbon has to be 51% corn i believe, just letting you know, but red stag is pretty good on a budget.

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