Gorillaz Has Something for Everyone

The Singles Collection 2001-2011

The millennium needed a musical hero. The 20th century didn’t exactly end on a high-note (pun intended). The millennium surely needed someone who could break down the artifice of pop music and navigate the evolving world of hip hop. (Rock and roll was/is hemorrhaging.) Whoever was charged with this task would risk having a short shelf life. The innovators usually suffer at the hands of the imitators. Gorillaz became that band.

A decade later the “fictional” group created by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett – is set to release an anthology chronicling their storied career. “The Singles Collection 2001-2011” is proof that rolling with the times – keeping the music organic and alive is one way to stay relevant and fresh.

The fifteen songs on this disc were so timeless when they were created they remain suspended in their own universe. Strangely they bridge musical eras with subtle nods to The Kinks (The melodic themes of “Feel Good Inc.” sounds vaguely familiar.) as effortlessly as they reflect some modern computer-driven aesthetic and the balanced chaos of modern club music.

The band we know as Gorillaz – a response to the banality of the music industry at the turn of the last century – has deconstructed the pop song and broke it down to its primitive core. The duo altered our expectations of new music making it accessible to a much wider audience than most new music artists.

Laced through all of these clarion electronic beats and lush strings there is a sense of humor that transcends the hip factor making this a collection for people who love music with less boundaries. There truly is something for just about everyone here.

Stand Out Tracks
Rock the House
Feel Good Inc.
On Melancholy Hill

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