The Phantom Leak

Alright I have to vent here for a second.   Many artists complain about their new music being leaked.  For some, they have every right to be angry because someone down the line genuinely took their music and sent it out into the great abyss of the internet.   Then there are some who say “leak” and it’s just a huge promotional stunt for fans to flock to their favorite p2p or file sharing service to pick up the newly “leaked” music.  I have an email sitting in my inbox concerning Asher Roth and it’s stating one of the tracks from his upcoming album has been leaked. The problem is I clicked through the link they gave me and it’s on the artist’s website.  LAME!! When music is genuinely leaked it’s generally via a p2p network like The Pirate Bay or a YouSendIt link being passed around.  When an ARTIST posts the track themselves online it is NOT LEAKED!

I still remember how excited I was for Miss Lolene’s debut label album, Electrick Hotel, to drop.  Then weeks before the date someone leaked the entire album.  Lolene was pissed, as she should have been, and she refused to release the album and went into the studio to re-record a new one. The problem with that is it’s been almost 2 years and there isn’t a new full length album out. She did release a mixtape, but the mixtape didn’t do justice for the tracks I did hear off the Electrick Hotel.  As a fan I really wanted to hear the album and couldn’t get my hands on a leaked copy or even buy a legitimate one. The situation was a bit frustrating. If music from an artist is released the artist should really go with the flow and take advantage of the situation. Instead of not releasing the album, creating remixes of all the songs and selling them on the likes of iTunes could have helped make money.  Remixes are hot!

The moral of this story is if you music gets leaked go with it, and release your music earlier.  The real fans are still going to buy the ticket to go to your show even if you are just starting out. For those who fake the leak of their albums that’s just tacky and you need to stop it.


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