Tilted Kilt Bar Review

Tilted Kilt
1360 Lake Street
Roselle, IL 60172

So this was my first time at any Tilted Kilt, they have a few locations in the Chicago-land area. I wasn’t really sure what to expect but there were 2 things that really amazed me. 1 it’s a sports bar. Uh, didn’t peg that one. It’s cool…I like sports. 2 it was kid friendly! I was shocked to see families here chillin’ getting their grub on and catching a Blackhawks game. I nailed this place as being a regular bar.

Décor: Interesting…lots of liquor décor, posters and pictures of Stonehenge, A Knights Tale-the movie. I get it, it has a Celtic-theme of Ireland or Scotland. But what was funny was the Bravehart movie poster next to random golf photos. I think I may be missing something here….

The Crowd: I was actually surprised by the crowd. Since I knew the servers wore revealing uniforms I imagined a large crowd of older men here. So not the case. The crowd was pretty diverse with families, couples out for dinner and then you had your regular guys out to watch the Blackhawks game.

Service: So nice! Jordan was our server and she was great! When it was slow she sat down to shoot the shit. Normally I would be against this but Jordan was pretty awesome so I didn’t mind talking to her.

Liquid Courage On Tap: Lots of good beers here! Bodingtons, Harp Lager, Magic Hat #9, Woodchuck Amber Cider, Leinenkugel’s Honey Weiss, Half Acre, Good Island Green Line, Hacker Pschorr, Fat Tire, MGD, Hoegaarden, Schock Top, Leinenkugel’s Seasonal, Ranger I.P.A., Dos Equis, Heinekien, Good Island 312

Eats: Pretty basic bar food. My friend ordered some Naked wings. Naked meaning plain, no sauce. She said they were really good. I can vouch for her fries tho, they were pretty yummy!

Sounds: At first we had some basic pub tunage which was alright but then the game came on and all you heard was a very loud hockey game! Mind you it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to have the game on full blast if it were a packed bar but this night was dead so I just found it to be annoying.

Parking: Private lot! No problem parking here.

Overall: Good times! Good beer choices. I will most likely be stopping back in with the family for some dinner in the near future. Although now I want to visit their other locations to see what the differences are. I hear Elgin has live bands, mostly cover bands I’m sure but the good thing is I am a cover band junkie!

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