Bryan White Heads to Woodstock for Groundhog Day

Bryan White Woodstock Opera House

To kick off Bryan White’s last Christmas show on December 30th at the Opera House in Woodstock, the Mayor, Dr. Brian Sager, invited Bryan to come back for the 20th Annual Groundhog Day in the Woodstock Square.  Bryan didn’t give a confirmation that night at the show, but he has close ties with Woodstock.  Today Bryan announced that he will be joining the Groundhog Day celebration on February 2th with his wife Erika White (Actress from One Life to Live / Second Noah) and his two boys.  A fun fact, Bryan is an avid Groundhog Day movie fan as those who were at the show on the 30th found out as he quoted lines from the Bill Murray movie throughout the show.

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  1. Dana says:

    Did you mean January 30th?

  2. No, to kick if the show he performed December 30th the Major of Woodstock invited him back for Groundhog Day festivities.

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