Local H?!

Local H
Austin’s Fuel Room –Libertyville, IL

Local H is:
Brian St. Clair (Drums)
Scott Lucas (Whatever)

Scott Lucas performing at Austin’s Fuel Room –Libertyville, IL

Local H is a duo of funny guys that are in an alternative rock band.  Their breakout success came from their second release of Polygram entitled As Good As Dead.  The album spawned their hit “Bound For The Floor.”  All together Local H released 5 studio recordings.  Back in 2010 Scott went solo with his band Scott Lucas & The Married Men. As a duo or as a unit the guys always make sure to perform in Chicago on New Year’s Eve and this year was no different, which was at the Bottom Lounge with Monkey Paw.  They guys haven’t released a full length album since 2008’s Twelve Angry Months.  Back in October of 2010 Local H’s Awesome Mix Tape#1 was made available digitally, on a physical cd, and even a few cassette tapes (that is truly an awesome mix tape).  The mix tape was comprised of all covers from Pink Floyd to TV on the Radio.

Britney Spears’ Toxic cover

The night started with a bang with fellow Chicago rockers, Trigger Fish.  The band had some of their fans “shipped” in from Chicago on a party bus, so it made for a loud and supportive crowd.  It was at the transition when Trigger Fish was loading up their gear that things got interesting.  There were three men onstage setting up for Local H.  Two of them looked like older men; one wore grungy jeans and faded black shirt while the other was in the same looking jeans and a G&B Records shirt.  The third looked like a younger man who was clean cut and ready to rock.  During setup murmurs could be heard in the crowd, “where did the band get these two guys?” or better yet, “I bet these guys work for beer.”  Turns out the two seasoned looking gentlemen were Scott Lucas and Brian St. Clair.   It was a bit of a letdown because it took awhile to get over the shock of watching two rockers with grey hair and beards looking like they were hiding out in the wood for months.  I hate to be so harsh, but when one’s job is to be a performer at least try to make oneself presentable because these two were not even recognizable.

Scott Lucas performing at Austin’s Fuel Room –Libertyville, ILOn a positive note, Scott and Brian can still tear down a bar.  It really couldn’t get any louder than it was last night.  I walked outside, because it was getting too loud, and heard the walls buzzing and shaking.   They squeezed “Bound to the Floor” early in their set followed closely by “Fine and Good” and “Michelle (Again).”

Their onstage setup could leave some confused because Scott’s rig was setup stage left and Brian’s drum kit was stage right with a microphone stand all by its lonesome in the center of the stage.   It wasn’t until a third man came running out with a tambourine and played for a bit and then ran back to the side of the stage.

While the crowd showed the love for these local rockers, Scott and Brian really need to clean up their image.


Photos from Local H’s set at the Fuel Room:

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  1. Nora Barnacle says:

    There is a brilliant man by the name of Brian Message- he manages and/or co-manages many artists the likes of which include Radiohead, Kate Nash, Band Of Skulls…and about 30 others. I mention him for a reason.
    He speaks frequently about how truly smart musicians realize that it is a better use of their time to mind equipment, interact with fans, and focus on amazing performances than to sit around backstage getting drunk.
    Anyone who knows anything at all about Local H, including basic research for an article, would know that they have never ceased to amaze their fans, all the while handling all of their own affairs. They are always available for photos, autographs, a few words to say hello (or even catch up as so many fans have been around for so many years now).
    The point is- their reputation as amazing musicians, consummate professionals, and an incredible live act is second to few, aspired to by most, and an example to all.
    While I commend you for mentioning how “Brian and Scott can still tear down a bar”, this shouldn’t be mentioned as an aside after you spend two paragraphs essentially slagging them for not having Aero and Hollister clothing, spray tans, and highlights.


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