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Is CES Jumping the Shark?

Lady Gaga Monster Cable Booth CES

I’ve been an avid CES patron since 2007.  Many will say that’s nothing as they’ve told me they witnessed Bill Gates’ first Keynote. The main reason I go it to see the new innovation that may or may not be hitting the consumer market in the future on the showroom floor. Let’s face it just because you have a booth at CES doesn’t mean your product is going to make it.  It amazes me to see what innovators think will be a hit with the larger consumer market.  Those products that get the most attention usually have a huge marketing ploy, and money, to get potential buyers and decision makers to see the booth. Monster Cable is good at drawing attention to their product booth on the showroom floor. Nearly every year Dr. Dre and David Geffen hit the booth to talk about the new products out for Monster. Back in 2009 Lady Gaga made an appearance at the booth and drew an insane crowd of tech geeks and gawkers.  It showed corporations spare no expense when it comes to wrangling in the celebrity endorsement, but this year I feel like someone is jumping the shark.

Justin BieberI’ve seen many celebrities and musicians at CES in the past few years and not just at the booths endorsing products. I saw Sinbad hanging around waiting for someone to pick him up a the curb.  We also ran into Motion City Soundtrack while they were scoping out Gibson’s new guitars. This year the celebrity appearances were announced and none other than Justin Bieber will be at the Tosy Robotics booth.  My heart sank hearing this…did CES just get uncool? Justin Bieber is more of a punch line than an ideal celebrity endorsement at the Consumer Electronic Show. The majority of the CES show patrons are male and NOT in Justin Bieber’s demographic.  When I ran into Motion City Soundtrack Justin Pierre, their frontman, mentioned to me how it was odd being at CES because it’s not their demographic either. They also were shocked that we (Yvette and I) could recognize them.  The band was there to play on the Sony Stage at the Sony Booth along with a couple other artists. Mind you, Motion City is on a Sony Records sister label, so it made sense for them to make an appearance. Having Justin Bieber endorse a product at CES feels like a desperate cry for attention.  Is this the tipping point for CES where celebrity endorsement are more important than the innovative tech itself?

Mashable has a list of 10 Stars Making Appearances at CES this year and Justin is the worst and Jillian Michaels ranks up there at number 2 for me. You can see the full list here:

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