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Can 150 Million Users be Wrong?

Bittorrent LogoBitTorrent announced at CES today that their peer to peer networks have reached over 150 million active users. Their main BitTorrent client has over 20 million users, while their uTorrent client grew to over 132 million users. For those not familiar with BitTorrent, it is a peer to peer file sharing software.  It enables users to share media and documents with other peers through their software clients.

BitTorrent is primarily used to share media content such as HD movies. BitTorrent doesn’t condone the distribution of copyrighted materials such as movies and music, but many users end up seeding and sharing that particular content.  So how can 150 million people be wrong, right?

Also announced today are a couple partnerships that will make sharing media across TVs and computers much easier, well at least for Europe, Asia, and Russia.  BBK is developing BitTorrent Certified devices such as TVs, Blu-ray, and DVD players as well as media adapters. Dune HD is also developing and designing Certified Dune HD media players for Europe and Asia.  AirTies is creating network-attached storage devices, set-top boxes, and home router lines for sale in Europe, Russia, Ukraine, and Turkey. Then there is Antik who is manufacturing IPTV devices that are BitTorrent enabled set-top boxes.

What does this mean for users?  These devices powered by BitTorrent mean sharing and streaming content from computers to TVs just got a whole lot easier.

The downside: Do you see a pattern here? The US is visibly absent from these lists.

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