He Sure Does Love to Smoke

Executive Branch Cigar logo

Snoop Dogg is known to smoke a few things in his life, so why not make a buck off it!  Snoop Dogg just signed on to endorse Executive Branch Cigars.  What did you think he was going to endorse? The cigars will be available for purchase during the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival as Snoop Dogg headlines the final day with Dr. Dre.  The cigars will be sold with two cigars per pouch at $.99.

Snoop declares:

“Throughout my career I have been lucky enough to travel the world and try all different types of tobacco products. During my travels throughout South America and the Caribbean, I was fortunate to encounter this tobacco company, Executive Branch and was so impressed by their commitment to quality [far superior than all others], I knew I had to bring them to the States for all my fans to enjoy,” said Snoop Dogg.  “Throughout 2012, we plan on releasing new styles and flavors, in which I will be working with their team to make sure all products are up to Snoop Dogg standards.”


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