Farbrew’s Beer Review: Michelada by Nopalito Restaurant

Nopalito Restaurant

Michelada beer

Michelada is probably the most unique beer I have ever tasted. My sister took us to Nopalito Restaurant in San Francisco where she insisted on us trying their specialty mexican beer called Michelada. After we placed our order, I noticed the three pint glasses with what looked like hot sauce resting at the bottom about half an inch high. The bartender then filled the glasses with the beer from the tap which was a light cloudy golden color to beer. When the beer was served to us, it had a lime at the top with a rim of salt around the edge like a margarita. I’ve never experienced a beer before with salt. When I got a closer look at the beer, I noticed the thick pulpness of the oranges they use to help savior the spiciness of the beer. Really made the beer authentic and fresh. It also has some tomato juice added as well. This is a MUST HAVE beer! It was amazing. Had a serious kick to it but was not over whelming at all. If you like spice, this is the beer to try. It went well with our entire meal. Most people will only be able to handle one order because of the spice kick, but it was delicious!

The other beer in the second picture is the Negra Modelo which is another common Mexican beer. At first glance, it looks like a heavy beer that might fill you up, but it turns out to be a great beer with dinner as well.

If you are ever in San Francisco, Nopalito is a great place for families and groups because it has a family style menu with easy and delicious dishes, especially Carne Asada. You can check out the menu here.

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